Research interests

Cultural Aesthetics

I am interested in cultural fads and trends, in social histories and political contexts, but I believe we can only speak well and meaningfully about any of these if we pay close attention to how cultural works actually, materially look and sound – not to mention how they make us feel.


My tastes in cinema are diverse, since I believe in the importance of global cinema, and in cinema’s past. I have looked into Australian, American, European and Asian cinemas. I have studied genres including musical, melodrama, thriller and art film. I have analysed great auteurs from Sergio Leone and Fritz Lang to Hou Hsiao-hsien and Terrence Malick, and I have an abiding interest in all marginal, underground and avant-garde cinemas.

International histories of theory and criticism

As a writer, I am also deeply invested in the ways, means, conditions and histories of critical discourse itself, and so I have spent most of my life piecing together international histories of theory and criticism.