Adrian McNeil

  • 17Adrian is an ethnomusicologist specialising in Hindustani music as  a scholar and as a performer on the sarod, (a twenty five stringed plucked lute).  Alongside this he has wide ranging interests and journal publications in improvisation, the political economy of music, cultural history, aesthetics and the globalisation of music. His research on the political and cultural history of Hindustani music, and his book on the sarod tradition is well known in the field.

    Over his career, he has spent a number of years living in India as an ARC post doctoral fellow, located at Jadavpur University, and as a visiting fellow at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. More recently he worked as a lecturer and research guide at Macquarie University where he has extensive experience in setting up an improvisation program and supervising, developing, and teaching a large cohort of post graduate research and course work students in ethnomusicology and improvisation. Adrian also has undergone extensive training in Hindustani music and has years of international performance experience along with commercial recordings on the sarod, both in traditional and in intercultural ensembles.

    His deep interest in exploring the nexus between scholarship and performance has led him to develop expertise in both traditional text based research and practice led research and he has subsequently worked with some of the leading figures of the jazz and world music scene in Australia, as a research supervisor. In 2013 he was awarded a creative fellowship by the State Library of Victoria to link current ideas of intercultural music performance with those prevalent in late nineteenth century Bengal.

    He is now as a senior lecturer in ethnomusicology at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, and is committed to building a vibrant and engaging program of ethnomusicology. He is also the coordinator of the music post graduate research program.