Dr Ailie Gallant

  • Dr. Ailie Gallant is a lecturer and researcher in the School of Geography and Environmental Science, where she has worked since January 2013. Ailie has worked as a researcher in the area of climate variability and change since completing her graduate studies in 2009. 

    Her research interests include:

    • Processes driving climatological variations in extreme weather
    • Characterising decadal to multi-decadal scale climate variability
    • High-resolution palaeoclimate reconstructions of the Australasian climate and hydroclimate
    • Refining techniques for palaeoclimate reconstructions

    Ailie’s research into the climate seeks to characterise and understand climate variability and change on multiple time and spatial scales. She has a particular interest in variability in climate extremes, particularly of the hydroclimate, such as drought. Her focus is broadly on understanding these aspects in Australasia and the Southern Hemisphere. She is particularly interested in how we can better characterise the magnitude of natural climatic variations in the face of anthropogenic climate change in order to better distinguish the impacts of anthropogenic climate change. 

    Ailie is also passionate about science education, particularly in areas of climatology and meteorology. She regularly Tweets using @SafariPenguin.