alizadehI graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and Visual Arts from Griffith University, Gold Coast, in 1997. My Honours thesis included an experimental narrative poem, which was published after I moved to Melbourne, in 2002. In Melbourne I completed my PhD at Deakin University on the topic of epic poetry, by writing a thesis that included an epic poem about the French heroine Joan of Arc. I then left Australia to work and live in China, Turkey and Dubai for the next six years, while writing and publishing six more books including two works of fiction, three collections of poetry and a work of creative non-fiction. I joined Monash in 2012.

My writings have been described as ‘heartbreaking’, ‘beautifully twisted’, ‘harrowing’, ‘miraculous’ and ‘hilarious’. Both my creative writing and my literary scholarship interrogate the collisions between the political, the personal and the historical. Radical subjectivity, philosophies of history and theories of art are of particular interest to me.

I am currently coordinating the unit ‘Writing in Australia’ and am preparing a new unit called ‘Literary Theory’ at Monash, and my main HDR supervision areas are creative writing projects with a political or philosophical dimension, contemporary literary theory, and literature that deals with challenging or controversial themes. 

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