Research Areas

  • Australian languages
  • Morphosyntax
  • Semantics
  • Pragmatics
  • Metaphor
  • Grammaticalization
  • Language, culture, and cognition
  • Language documentation and description
  • Linguistic typology, particularly semantic typology


Hear more…

2017. First language, second thoughts. Raising the Bar. November 29th. City of Melbourne.(podcast:

2017. When words fail. Talkfest. June 24th. 621 ABC Radio National.

2015.Our amazing brains (Guest, with Norman Doidge) Conversation Hour. 27th May. 774 ABC Melbourne. 

2012. The Grapevine. August 6th. 3RRR Melbourne.

2012. How language shapes thoughtAll in the Mind. October 28th. Radio National 621AM (rebroadcast Radio Australia).

2010. Place and time. Lingua Franca, September 11th. Radio National 62

2008. You Say Potato, I Say Cassava: Language, Culture and PerceptionScience Talk, February 6th. Scientific American (

2008. Interview with Linguist Alice GabyBrain Science Podcast 41, July 11th.

2005. Gut feelingsLingua Franca, December 17th. Radio National 621AM.1AM.