I have supervised students working in the following areas:

  • Fieldwork-based grammatical description of a range of languages from Indonesia, East Timor, Vietnam, USA, Maldives and Australia
  • The ethics of research on endangered languages
  • Sociophonetics of language acquisition
  • Conceptual metaphor
  • Interactional pragmatics of interjections
  • Affix ordering
  • Anaphora

Postgraduate Research Supervision

Research PhD. Regularity of Synaesthetic Semantic Shifts: Cross-linguistic Analysis of Perception-based Terms. Supervisors: Gaby, A (Main), Burridge, K (Associate).

Research PhD. Indigenous Identity Post-Linguicide: A study of the Pijao of Colombia. Supervisors: Willoughby, K (Main), Gaby, A (Associate).

Research PhD. (Mis)communication in Australia’s justice system: The case of Kriol. Supervisors: Gaby, A (Main), Bradley, J (Associate).

Research PhD. Documentation of the Endangered Languages of South Asia. Supervisors: Gaby, A (Main), Sarma, V (Main).

Research PhD. A Grammar of Wik-Mungkan. Supervisors: Gaby, A (Main), Musgrave, S (Associate).

Research PhD. Metaphorical Profiles and Near-Synonyms: A Case Study of Indonesian Words for happiness. Supervisors: Gaby, A (Main), Musgrave, S (Associate), Manns, H (Associate).

Research PhD. Cultural conceptualisation among Chinese immigrants. Supervisors: Gaby, A (Main), Margetts, A (Associate), Davies, G (Associate).

Research PhD. Thinking and Talking about Atolls: Spatial reference in Marshallese. Supervisors: Palmer, B (Main), Gaby, A (Associate).

Research PhD. The Dhivehi system of spatial reference: thinking and talking about physical space on a Maldivian atoll. Supervisors: Gaby, A (Main), Margetts, A (Associate), Palmer, B (Associate).

Research PhD. Gun-ngaypa rrawa ‘my country’: intercultural alliances in language research. Supervisors: Gaby, A (Main), Musgrave, S (Associate).

Research PhD. Wicked which and ninja never: relative clauses and negation in modern Australian English conversation. Supervisors: Burridge, K (Main), Gaby, A (Associate).

Research PhD.  I Rolled a One and I’m Dead: Person Reference Across the Multiple Worlds of Table-Top Roleplaying Games. Supervisors: Musgrave, S (Main), Gaby, A (Associate).