Current research grants

ARC FT Project – Living with Complexity (July 2013-July 2017)

AFTAM Award (with Professor Eli Friedlander, Tel Aviv U) (2015-2016) – Intention and Meaning: The practical significance of aesthetic form.

I am currently studying theories of the image in philosophical anthropology. This project builds on my previous monograph on Walter Benjamin’s Concept of the Image (Routledge, 2015). For some recent representative publications on philosophical anthropology, see ‘Between Luxury and Need: the Idea of Distance in Philosophical Anthropology‘  and ‘What is an Image? Form as a Category of Meaning in Philosophical Anthropology‘.

I am also finishing a book on Walter Benjamin’s idea of revolution. This book is a critical treatment of the role of the experience of meaning in revolutionary projects and ideas of revolution. It considers Benjamin’s difficult writing on the dream, on the childhood wish, on history, and on revolutionary epistemology. It uses the insights of Niklas Luhmann, Jan Assmann, Hans Blumenberg and Jacques Rancière to analyze processes and components of formation of existential meaning.

I have previously published the book: The Aesthetic Paths of Philosophy: Presentation in Kant, Heidegger, Lacoue-Labarthe and Nancy (Stanford University Press, 2007) and several edited collections, including:

The Agamben Effect (South Atlantic Quarterly, Duke University Press, 2008)
(contributors: Catherine Mills, Eleanor Kaufman, Penelope Deutscher, Ewa Plonowska Ziarek, Andrew Benjamin, Lee Spinks, Claire Colebrook, Adrian Mackenzie, Jean-Philippe Deranty, Krzysztof Ziarek).

Jacques Rancière and the Contemporary Scene (Continuum, 2012) (co-edited with Jean-Philippe Deranty)
(contributors: Jacques Rancière, Jean-Philippe Deranty, Alison Ross, Emmanuel Renault, Paul Patton, J.M.Bernstein, Caroline Pelletier, Dmitri Nikulin, Lisa Trahair, Todd May, Andrew Schaap).

The Image (Critical Horizons Special Issue, 2013) (co-edited with Andrew Benjamin)
(contributors: Winfried Menninghaus, Sigrid Weigel, Gertrud Koch, Mildred Galland-Symkowiak, David Ferris, Krzysztof Ziarek).