Anzac Memories – new edition

ANZACmemories hands only-cover-high resThe past never alters but history and memory change all the time. Thirty years after I conducted interviews with Australian WWI veterans, and 20 years after Anzac Memories: Living with the Legend was published, I’ve published a new edition with three new chapters.

You can read online this review of Anzac Memories by historian Joan Beaumont, in Australian Book Review Online at:

In this new edition I explore how the Anzac legend has transformed over the past quarter century, how a ‘post-memory’ of the Great War creates new challenges and opportunities for making sense of the national past, and how veterans’ war memories can still challenge and complicate national mythologies.

I return to a family war history that I could not write about twenty years ago because of the stigma of war and mental illness, and I use newly-released Repatriation files to question my earlier account of veterans’ post-war lives and memories and to think afresh about war and memory.

Anzac Memories has achieved international renown for its pioneering contribution to the study of memory, oral history and war mythology. Michael McKernan wrote that the first edition gave ‘as good a picture of the impact of the Great War on individuals and Australia as we are likely to get in this generation’, and Michael Roper concluded that ‘an immense achievement of this book is that it so clearly illuminates the historical processes that left men like my grandfather forever struggling to fashion myths which they could live by’.

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