Monash Students Making Histories

Check out these fabulous digital histories on the Museum Victoria (MV) Tertiary showcase and in the MV Student Uploads section. In 2012 about 70 Monash History undergraduates have created 3 minute digital video histories based on original research using oral history, photos, objects and documents. They took the Monash ‘Making Histories’ course, a collaboration between Monash History and the Museum which uses the MV Making History website and resources. This was the most challenging course I have taught in the past 30 years, and the most rewarding. With my colleagues – Peg Fraser, Johnny Bell and Bec Carland – I’ve never had so much fun marking so much good work – and I’ve never seen my students learn so many new skills and so many new ideas about history. Many of the students, together with family members, attended a recent Showcase event at the Museum, where the best videos were played to great acclaim, and all the videos were available for viewing. Here are direct links to just some of my favourites:  

Meg Nolan, Surviving (about a Holocaust survivor and his concentration camp tattoo)

Justine Vincin, Learning to Live with Bushfire (about white settlement and bushfire in rural Victoria)

Rachael Ho, Ettie – Child Worker? (about a farm childhood and contested family memory)

Florence Rooney, The Happy Housewife (about a postwar women’s life)

 Larissa Keen, Pennies from Heaven (about a postwar women’s life – from a very different perspective)

Alexander Woolley, A Tourist Soldier (about war photos and the stories they can tell)

Elizabeth Theissen, Death by Coal: The Story of Yallourn Township

Luke Yin, Years of Unrest: Some Memories of the Cultural Revolution (based on interviews with his Chinese parents)

Martie Nash, The Songs My Father Taught Me (about her Dunera Boy refugee father and his songs)