Areas of Research & Supervision

Oral history, collective memory, public history and life history research; 20th century British and Australian social history; migration history; war history and memory.

I have been the primary supervisor for the following graduate research students:

Monash University (since 2007)

Anisa Puri, an oral history of Australian migrants, using the Australian Generations interviews (ARC funded, current)

Ali Al Bakaa, an oral history of local  interpreters with the Australian Defence Forces in Iraq (current)

Sam Prendergast, on the Soviet expatriate oral histories of the 1950s US Harvard Project (current)

Nicolette Snowden, an oral history of the postwar experience of women in the LaTrobe Valley (ARC funded, current)

Judy Hughes, an oral history of postwar Melbourne print journalism (current)

Sam Dalgarno, Stolen generations oral history and the experience and memory of Northern territory patrol officers (current)

Annable Baldwin, ‘Sexual Violence in the Holocaust: Experience and Memory'(joint supervisor, ARC funded, completed 2016)

Peg Fraser, on the 2009 bushfires in memory and museums (completed, 2015)

Andrew Junor, on food culture and memory in 20th century Australia (ARC funded, completed, 2015)

Ben Wilkie, on Scottish migrants in 20th century Australia (ARC funded, completed 2014)

Seth Kowell, on the social composition of the 1st Battalion, AIF (completed 2013)

Anita Frayman, ‘Ageing in the Melbourne Jewish Community’ (joint supervisor, ARC funded, completed 2013)

Kay Dreyfus, ‘Silence and Secrets: The Australian Wartime Experience of the Weintraub Syncopators’ (joint superviser, completed 2011)

Doug Wilkie, on convict lives and the reconstruction of convict identity (completed 2011)
Meryl Andrews, ‘The Australian Assistance Plan’ (completed 2011)


University of Sussex (1992-2007)
Audrey Gates, ‘Alongside survival: life experiences of wives, widows and children of far-East prisoners of war in World War 2’
Suzanne Hyde, ‘Lifelong learning through Unison: the learner experience’
Paul Watters, ‘Men as general nurses, an oral history, 1949-1974’, Ed D (Swansea University – external supervisor)
Angela Campos, ‘Silence and shame? An oral history of ex-combatants of the Portuguese colonial wars, 1961-1974’ (FCT Portugal government funding)
Rena Feld, ‘Why tell my story: an exploration of public autobiographical storytelling’, M Phil
Lorraine Sitzia, ‘Telling people’s stories: an exploration of community history-making from 1970-2000’ (ESRC funded)
Teresa Cairns, ‘Class, gender and identity in the educational experiences of correspondents to Mass Observation’ (awarded 2008)
Gail Hopkins, ‘Somali women refugees in London and Toronto: experience, theory, policy’ (awarded 2006 – ESRC funded)
Peter Edwards, ‘A war remembered: commemoration, battlefield tourism and British collective memory of the Great War’ (awarded 2005 – AHRB funded)
Lee Sarafis, ‘The local origins of the Greek civil war: two villages in central Greece’ (awarded 2005)
Gillian Weaver, ‘Stability, ability, work, learning: long term benefits from education programmes for stable and former drug users’ (awarded 2005)
Philip Seaton, ‘Japanese memory of the Asia-Pacific war: the struggle to reconcile defeat, aggression and suffering, 1991-2001’ (awarded 2004 – Japanese government scholarship)
Susan Burton, ‘Japanese women residents in England: a methodological and cultural study’ (awarded 2003)
Vijay Reddy, ‘Life histories of black South African scientists: academic success in an unequal society’ (awarded 2000 – University of Durban Westville, external supervisor, British council funded)
Hera Cook, ‘The long sexual revolution: British women, sex and contraception in the twentieth century’ (joint supervisor 1995-96 only)
Eissa El-Ansari, ‘Facilitating adult learning through continuing education in Kuwait’ (awarded 1996 – Kuwait government scholarship)