Dr Andréa Jean Baker

  • A.BakerJournalism studies are a relatively new interdisciplinary field which connects journalism practice with the academy. Since 2000 Dr Andrea Jean Baker has successfully negotiated this research path linking journalism practice to teaching and research, beginning with positions at Swinburne and La Trobe Universities.

    Andrea joined Monash University in July 2001 and developed an expertise as a journalism internship specialist and a broadcast and journalism studies lecturer. Beginning in 2006 Andrea initiated international journalism field trips (a first in the Australian tertiary sector) where students visit media outlets in New York City, London, Paris and Brussels.

    As an internationally, award winning radio journalist of over 20 years, Andrea is recognised as a music and journalism historian, and an expert researcher in the convergence of traditional and online journalism. Andrea is also internationally acknowledged as a seminal leader in researching the history and development of net-radio; and her research has received citations, local, national and international exposure.

    In March 2014, Andrea is officially invited to South by South West (SXSW, Austin, Texas), the largest and most prestigious music and media conference in the world, as one of the few journalism academics to chair a panel. The panel, titled, Global Music Cities (Melbourne, Austin, Berlin), is based on her current research.

    Andrea’s research interests are wide ranging across the practice and theory of journalism: radio features and documentaries; digital and broadcast histories; journalism and cultural (arts-music) studies; global journalism, alternative/radical media, cultural journalism; Urban versus regional and rural press, cities as musical capitals, and journalists as the creative class.

    In 2009, the International Association for Media and Communications Research and the Hampton Press (New York) publication series chose her monograph (Virtual Radio Ga Ga: Youths and Net-radio) which was based on the core findings of her doctorate, for publication because it made a major contribution to the study of radio technologies, music, youth consumption and alternative media.

    From 2010 to 2012, Andrea was one of the two Higher Degree Coordinators (HDR) in her school, where she assessed PhD entries and scholarship applications; organise the school’s three-minute (HDR) thesis competition, bi-annual seminars and chaired confirmations and mid-candidature HDR review panels.

    In 2005 and 2009, Andrea had research fellowships to City University of New York’s (CUNY) Brooklyn College Radio, which housed the first net-only student radio station in the United States.

    In March 2013 Andrea secured a research residency at the prestigious, Dolph Briscoe Centre for American History at the University of Texas at Austin (USA), attended South by South West (SXSW), the largest and most prestigious music and media conference in the world. In April 2013 she continued her research at Freie Universitat’s Institute for Arts and Media Management in Berlin (Germany). (Germany). In both countries she conducted field work for a current project Music(o) polis (Melbourne, Austin, Berlin), the results of which is the subject of a pending book and research grant.

    In 2001, to provide a practice platform for journalism students at Monash, and as part of her doctorate research, Andrea helped to establish Australia’s first net-only student radio station, Radio Monash (www.radiomonash.net). Andrea’s doctorate compared the consumption of emerging technologies by journalism students in Australia with that of students in the United States and the relationship to alternative media and music journalism.

    Andrea has also published widely in the local and international journals and popular press about this topic; and is actively engaged in the broader music community (music promoter, founding member of the St Kilda Live Music Community, City of Melbourne’s Music Strategy Committee, 2013-2017), appearing on radio (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and contributing to the development of music as a significant part of Melbourne and Australia’s popular culture.