In 2017 Andrea is coordinating 2 large undergraduate units and the Honours in Journalism program:

ATS2087, Lifestyle Journalism (1st semester)
ATS3113, Reporting the Arts Circuit (2nd semester)
ATS4002, Honours research methods (1st semester)
ATS4373,Honours Professional Project (1st semester)

PhD supervision

From 2010 to 2012, Andrea was one of the two Higher Degree (HDR) Coordinators in her school, where she assessed Masters and PhD entries and scholarship applications; organise the school’s three-minute (HDR) thesis competition, bi-annual seminars and chaired confirmations and mid-candidature HDR review panels.

PhD, guest speaker, APR6035 (Advanced research methodologies in journalism): ‘Mixed Methods research’.

Supervised completed (PhD thesis x 2)

2013-2015, (Traditional) Chilean media and the online environment
2011-2015, (Exegesis) Deregulation of the Australian Agricultural industry

Masters Supervision (x 9)

Marked (Masters Theses)

2016, (Traditional), “How Has National Media Discussion About Iran Indicated Shifts in American, British and French Foreign Policy Positions Since 2001”.
2016, (Traditional), ” Visual Representations of Homelessness in Press Photography: Ethical Consequences”.
2015, (Traditional), “Release of Graphic Content On-Line by Islamic State- Approaches to Covering Terrorism in Australia and Pakistan”. (Monash, VIC, Australia)
2014, (Traditional), Ethnic Radio (Deakin University, VIC, Australia)
2011, (Traditional), Australian Music Journalism (Monash, VIC, Australia)
2011, (Traditional), Female journalists in Bangladesh, (Monash, VIC, Australia)

Supervised (Masters Theses)

2015, (Traditional), Media representation of Pop Star, Britney Spears
2014, (Traditional), Journalism and International Relations
2008, (Traditional), 9/11 and Online Media

Previous Honours Supervisions

In 2008 and 2012, Andrea was the Journalism Honours Coordinators for her school.

Marked (Honours Theses)

2016, (Traditional), “Australian media’s representation of Islamist terrorism”
2015, (Traditional), “Did Mainstream media coverage of the former Newman Governments VLAD laws compromise an accurate representation of the role of Queensland motorcycle club members in state crime rates from 2013 – 2015”. (Monash, VIC, Australia).
2013, (Traditional), Soft News in Australia Online Media Monash, VIC, Australia).
2013, (Traditional), Australian Mainstream Print. Media’s Representation of China during Violent Conflicts 1959 – 2008 (Monash, VIC, Australia).2011, (Exegesis) Underground music scene in Brisbane (QUT, QLD, Australia).
2011, (Exegesis) Radio plays, Australia, UK and Germany (RMIT, VIC, Australia).
2002, (Traditional) Women and Radio (La Trobe University, VIC, Australia)

Supervised (Honours theses) (Monash, VIC, Australia)

2016, (Traditional), Korean Hip Hop.
2014, (Exegesis) Reportage of the Australian refugee crisis.
2013, (Exegesis) Australian music journalism.
2012, (Traditional) Twitter and journalism.
2012, (Traditional) Women in broadcasting.
2012, (Traditional) Facebook and News.
2010, (Traditional) Local Newspapers and Hyperlocalism (Australia).
2010, (Traditional) Media Representation the Whaling Industry: Australia and Japan.
2009, (Traditional) Time Out Magazine; New York City and Sydney: Hybrid Media.

Since 2001 Andrea has taught into, or been the Unit Coordinator for the following units:

Masters Teaching (x 4 units)

Journalism Practice

APG5814 (Journalism Project)
APG4774 (Reporting Sound and Image)

Journalism Studies

APG5819 (Journalism and international relations research project)
APG5813 (Journalism Studies Project)

Honours Teaching (x 2 units)

ATS4371 (Honours Thesis)
ATS4375 (Research Seminar)

Undergraduate Teaching (x 12 units)

Journalism Practice (10 units)

ATS1328 (Journalism 1)
ATS2788 (Radio Journalism)
JRN2905 (Radio Journalism)
JRN2907 (Broadcast Journalism)
JRN3305 (Reporting Culture and Sport)
JRN3902, Applied Journalism Research Project
ATS3918 (International Journalism Project)
ATS3919 (Journalism Professional Project)
ATS3923 (Reporting Arts and Culture)

Journalism Studies (2 units)

ATS2646 / ATS3646 (Journalism: City-Country)
ATS2084 News and Power