Teaching / Supervision

I regularly teach or co-teach a number of units at Monash University. These include: 
ATS 1248 Ancient Cultures 2
ATS 2234 Archaeology in Italy (co-taught intensive unit in Italy) 
ATS 2349 The Golden Age of Athens
ATS 2748 Introductory Greek A
ATS 2750 Introductory Greek B 
ATS 3334 Archaeology in Italy (co-taught intensive unit in Italy)
ATS 3346 Imperial Rome: A Study in Power and Perversion in the Early Empire 
ATS 3350 From Alexander to Kleopatra

I also teach sections in: 
ATS 2110 Slavery: A History (concerning ancient Rome)
ATS 3338 Understanding Ancient Cultures (concerning Ancient History) 

I am also available to advise honours or postgraduate research on topics related to ancient history. I have supervised or am currently supervising honours theses on legal aspects of Alexander the Great’s rule, the Hellenistic period in the northeast Peloponnese, issues of land in 2nd century BCE Italy, and Herodotus’ depictions of Egyptian medicine.