Western frameworks for understanding of the Middle East; the structure of racial thought – and the nature of variations within racial thought; the history of the Jewish communities of Australia; demographic and attitudinal change within Melbourne’s Jewish community; immigration and social cohesion; Australian asylum policy; public opinion surveying.

Completed Theses

  • Rachel Stevens, ‘Debating Immigration Control in Australia and the United States, 1975-1995′ (PhD 2011)
  • Freda Hodge, ‘She’erit Hapletah and the Jewish Displaced Persons’ Press in the American Zone of Germany 1945-1950′ (MA 2011)
  • Caryn Granek, ‘Wrapped in Light. An Exploration of Influences That Shaped the Development of Jewish Feminism in the Melbourne Jewish Community Between 1981 and 2005′ (MA 2011)
  • Kay Dreyfus, ‘Silences and Secrets: The Australian Experience of the Weintraub Syncopators’ (PhD 2010)
  • David Slucki, ‘The Jewish Labor Bund After the Holocaust: A Comparative History’ (PhD 2010)
  • Melanie Landau, ‘The Sanctification of Marriage: A Feminist Analysis of Jewish Marriage’ (PhD 2010)
  • Margaret Taft, ‘From Victim to Survivor: The Emergence and Development of the Holocaust Witness 1941-1949′ (PhD 2009)
  • Jonathan Landes, ‘History and Memory; a Comparative Study of Holocaust Testimony Archives’ (MA 2009)
  • Elizabeth Stewart, ‘Law and Identity: German Jewish Identity in Pre-War Germany’ (PhD 2008)
  • Miriam Munz, ‘Culture, Community and Connectedness’ (PhD 2008)
  • Selena Costa-Pinto, ‘Narrating Contemporary Migration: Indian women in Melbourne’ (PhD 2008)
  • Julie Fenwick, ‘Dealing with a Nation’: Conceptualizing Aboriginal Sovereignty, 1950-1990 (PhD 2007)
  • Rachel Buchanan, ‘Village of Peace, Village of War: Parihaka Stories 1881-2004′ (PhD 2005)
  • Rodger Hein, ‘Humanitarian Responses in Australia to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956′ (PhD 2004)
  • Sue Taffe, ‘The Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. The Politics of Inter-Racial Coalition in Australia, 1958-1973′ (PhD 2001)
  • Gwenda Baker, ‘Chaos and Control: Aborigines, Missions and Government in Arnhem Land, 1945-1975′ (PhD 2000)
  • Tetsuo Mizukami, ‘New Urban Ethnicity: Japanese Sojourner Residency in Melbourne’ (PhD 1999)
  • Philip O’Meara, ‘Negotiating Change: Representations of Immigration in Australian Magazines, 1947-1964′ (PhD 1998)

Current Supervision

  • Research M.A. An Evaluation of March of the Living Australia. Supervisors: Markus, A (Main), Auerbach, K (Associate).
  • Research PhD. Ausraelis and Yordim Down-Under: The Israelei Community in Australia. Supervisors: Markus, A (Main), Oz Salzberger, F (Associate).
  • Research PhD. Australian Immigration Policy and the Resettlement of Soviet Jewry in Australia, 1970 – 1995. Supervisors: Markus, A (Main), Garrett, L (Associate).
  • Research PhD. Balancing women’s rights and religious rights: The issue of bus segregations. Supervisors: Markus, A (Main), Baker, M (Associate).
  • Research PhD. Cultural approaches towards ageing: trends in the Jewish community. Supervisors: Markus, A (Joint-co), Thomson, A (Joint).
  • Research PhD. Maori in Australia: a history of risk and opportunity. Supervisors: Attwood, B (Main), Markus, A (Associate).
  • Research PhD. Palestine under British rule: 1919 – 1930. Supervisors: Markus, A (Main), Oz Salzberger, F (Associate).
  • Research PhD. The nature and extent of Anti-Semitism in South Africa, 1930-1939. Supervisors: Markus, A (Main), Garrett, L (Associate).


APG4293 – Genocidal thought