Research interests

Contemporary cultural theory

Especially the work of Pierre Bourdieu, Fredric Jameson and Raymond Williams.

The sociology of literature

Especially the work of Theodor Adorno, Lucien Goldmann, Georg Lukàcs and Franco Moretti.

Seventeenth-century English poetry

Especially Milton.

Utopia and dystopia in science fiction

Especially representations of climate change.

Competitive grants

  • Locating Science Fiction (2012-2014) Australian Research Council
  • Imagining the Great Southern Land: Utopia, Dystopia and Science Fiction in Australia (2007-2009), Australian Research Council.
  • Demanding the Impossible: Utopianism in Philosophy, Literature and Science Fiction (2005-2007), Australian Research Council.
  • Reason in Revolt: The Role of Intellectuals in Australian Radicalism (2004-2006), Australian Research Counci.
  • Raymond Williams and Cultural Materialism (1998-1999), Australian Research Council.
  • Australian Political and Cultural Radicalism 1880-1990 (1990-1991), Australian Research Council.