Discussing the Virginia Shootings on ABC’s “The World”.



Recent piece on the Virginia Shootings


A piece on developments in journalism, in relation to the Virginia tragedy.


New Book: Exploring Media Research.

I have a contract for a new book with Sage Publications, titled Exploring Media Research. This new volume explores the impact of mediatization on the practice of media research. It is due for completion in 2015.


The Politics of News Photographs.

Here’s an article I wrote for The Conversation on the possible political consequences of the immediate media coverage of the appalling murder of Lee Rigby.


Youth and Media, Sage Publications

My new book, Youth and Media, is now available from Sage. Click the link below for more details.

Youth and Media


On the protests after the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Here’s something I wrote about the Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! controversy that followed the death of Margaret Thatcher. The piece uses some of the ideas from Youth and Media

Click below.

Will history remember the ‘Ding-Dong!’ over Margaret Thatcher


Football and Homophobia.

Fascinating new research has come out about UK soccer fans’ attitude to gay football players. Click below for a piece I did on these studies for The Conversation

Soccer and homophobia: why even homophobes are sick of it


Football, fascism, racism.

Please click below for a piece I did on new research on football and racism.

Fascism and racism: does it really matter what Sunderland’s Paolo Di Canio thinks


Sample Chapter from new book, “Youth and Media”

YouthandmediacoverRead a sample chapter from my new book, Youth and Media, here:



On video game violence.

Here’s an article on video game violence. What I’m trying t do, here, is explain why video game violence might play a positive role when gamers ask how shoot-em-ups fit into wider cultures of violence.