Recent Invitations

‘Crisis and Hope in Youth Social and Political Participation’, Crisis and Hope for Japanese Youth symposium, Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan.

‘Self-Actualising Citizenship Amongst Young Muslims’, Youth Cultures symposium, Griffith University.

‘Everyday Multiculturalism in Australia’, Panel: Examining the mundane realities of multicultural societies: beyond criticism of multiculturalism:

International Symposium Toward Harmonious Multicultural Societies: Possibility of ‘interculturalism’

Joint Research Institute for International Peace and Culture Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan, December 2012.

Keynote Addresses: 

‘Identities, Ideas, Ideologies’, Cultural Research Postgraduate Symposium, Griffith University.

‘DIY Citizenship? Participation, Belonging and Youth Culture’

Youth Cultures, belongings, transitions: Bridging the gap in youth research

Griffith University, Brisbane, November 2012.

Other Presentations

2013 ‘Mobility, Embeddedness and Young People’s Local Multicultures’, Multiculturalism and  Mobilities: A Generational Perspective workshop, Monash University.

2013  ‘DIY Citizenship and Young Australian Muslims’,  Australian Sociological Association  conference, Monash University, (with Josh Roose).

2012 ‘From the Subcultural to the Ordinary: DIY Girls since Grrrlpower’, Youth Cultures and Subcultures: Australian Perspectives symposium, Griffith University.

2012 ‘At Home in the Nation: Young Australians’ Multicultural Belongings’, Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, Public Lecture Series, University of Queensland.

2012 ‘Grrrlpower and the New Media Landscape’, Girl Cultures workshop, Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Queensland.

2012 ‘At Home/Out of Place: Young People’s Multicultural Belongings’, Reclaiming Multiculturalism conference, Deakin University.

2012 ‘Diversity, Youth and The Limits of Social Cohesion’, Multiculturalism in Australia: From theorising to policy-making workshop, Deakin University.

2012 ‘At Home or Out of Place? National Belongings and the Next Generation’, lunchtime seminar series, Deakin University.

2011 ‘Diversity, Social Cohesion and Productive Mix Amongst Young People’, Child and Youth Research Network seminar series, University of Sydney.

2010 ‘From Multiculturalism to Social Cohesion: Young People and the Building of Cohesive Communities’, International Unity in Diversity conference, Townsville.

2009 ‘Youth Cultures and Everyday Multiculturalism’, Creative Communities conference, Griffith University.

2008 ‘Young People and Political Engagement: the Local, the Informal and the Everyday’, Critical Research Issues in Social Psychology seminar series, University of Bath, UK.

2008 ‘Young People, Everyday Multiculturalism and the Displacement of White Hegemony’, Pedestrian Crossings: Youth and Everyday Multiculturalism workshop, Monash University Prato, Italy.

2008 ‘Young People’s Politics and the Microterritories of the Local’, the Australian Political Science Association conference, University of Queensland (with Johanna Wyn).

2008 ‘The Preoccupation with Transitions and Young People’s Experiences of the Family’, the Australian Sociological Association conference, University of Melbourne (with Sarah Lantz and Johanna Wyn).

2007 ‘Young People and Everyday Civic and Political Engagement in the Australian Context’, Emerging Forms of Youth Engagement: Everyday and Local Perspectives symposium, University of Melbourne, Melbourne (with Johanna Wyn and Salem Younes).

2007 ‘Young People, Multiculturalism and National Belonging’, Racisms in the New World Order, University of the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra.

2007 ‘Rethinking Young People and Civic Engagement’, National Youth Affairs conference, Melbourne (with Salem Younes and Johanna Wyn).

2007 ‘Pattern Breaking: New Perspectives on Youth Racial Violence’, Out of the Shadows symposium, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Queensland.