Current Supervision

Research PhD: Australian Youth and Religious Identity. Supervisors: Harris, A (Main), Bouma, G (Associate), Halafoff, A (External Associate).

Recent Supervision

Research PhD: Young Migrant People Using Communication Technologies from Regional Spaces. Previous Supervisors: Harris, A (Main), Strong, C (Associate). Current Supervisors: S. Roberts, J. Smith.

Research PhD: Ideas of Childhood and Young Girls’ Dress in Singapore. Previous Supervisors: Harris, A (Main), Dobson, A (Associate). Current Supervisors: K. McLean, S. Roberts.

Research PhD: ‘Why don’t you go back to where you came from?’ National and Cultural Identity in Australia and the Chinese-Australian Experience. Previous Supervisors: Harris, A (Joint-Co), Arunachalam, D (Joint). Current Supervisors Arunachalam, D, H. Forbes-Mewett.

Research PhD: From periphery to centre: The role and influence of feminist leadership within and outside the UN system. Supervisors: True, J (Main), Harris, A (Associate).

Research MA: Power in the Australian halal food consumption chain. Supervisors: Millie, J (Main), Harris, A (Associate).

Completed Supervision

Research MA: Islamic Schools and Youth Identities. Supervisors: Millie, J (Main), Harris, A (Associate).

Research PhD: Ethnic identity of Sri Lankan second generation immigrants in Australia. Supervisors: Lindsay, J (Main), Harris, A (Associate).

Research PhD: Fantasies of belonging: fashioning a tweenie self. Supervisors: Maher, J (Main), Harris, A (Associate).

Pruitt, L. Youth Peace-Building Through Music. (PhD). 2010. Supervisors: Sullivan, B (Main), Harris, A (Associate), R. Bleiker (Associate).

O’Connor, P. The Everyday Hybridity of Young Muslims in Hong Kong. (PhD) 2009. Supervisors: Harris, A (Main), Skrbis, Z (Associate).

Earnshaw, C. Representing the community: a case study of political representation and citizen participation in Victoria. (PhD) 2009. Supervisors: Cuthbert, D (Joint-Co), Harris, A (Joint).

Smith, B. Kejawen Islam gendered praxis: identity, female agency and spiritual capital in central Javanese village religiosity. (PhD) 2005. Supervisors: Harris, A (Joint), Miller, D (Joint-Co).

Syamsiyatun, S. Serving young Islamic Indonesian women: the development of gender discourse in Nasyiatul Aisyiyah 1965-2005. (PhD) 2006. Supervisors: Blackburn, S (Main), Harris, A (Associate).