Teaching and Supervision


At Monash University Anna is teaching the following subjects:

ATS1291 Communication in international languages (Semester 1 2017)

ATS1292 Englishes for global communication (Semester 2 2017, tbc)

ATS3780 English as an international language: Language and Education (Semester 2 2017, tbc)

Research Supervision

Anna welcomes expression of interest from potential research students in the following areas. Other areas also welcome in the event of mutual interest:

Cultural conceptualisation

Language and cognition

Language and culture

Intercultural communication

Cross-linguistics semantics and pragmatics

Corpus linguistics

Current supervision:

Cultural conceptualisations of animals in Persian and English. PhD. Vahede Nosrati. (Associate)

Completed supervision:

Conceptualising ‘disability’ in Australian English and Japanese: a corpus-based lexical semantic analysis. Completed 2013. (University of New England) Amelia Ozaki, MAAL First Class Honours (Main)

Giving Feedback in French Classrooms: A Linguistic and Cultural Analysis. Completed 2013. (University of New England) Leah Erdahl, MAAL Honours (Main)

The Danish Universe of Meaning: Semantics, Cognition and Cultural Values. Completed 2011. (University of New England) Dr Carsten Levisen, PhD cum laude (Associate)

Contrastive lexical-conceptual analysis of folk religious concepts in English, Arabic and Hebrew. Completed 2011.(University of New England) Dr Sandy Habib, PhD cum laude (Associate)

The Lexical Semantics of Social Categories: Demonyms and Occupation Words in English. Completed 2011. (University of New England) Michael Roberts, MA Honours (Associate)