Australian Linguistics Society 2013 Workshop

Person-based deictics as discourse markers

Anna Margetts (workshop coordinator)


While spatial deictics, such as demonstrative, have long been recognized as taking on discourse functions, person deictics, such as personal pronouns, person markers on verbs and nouns, or person-based directionals have hardly been discussed in this way. Yet recent research highlights that across the languages of the world person deictics are employed for at least three main discourse functions:

(a) highlighting important events (e.g. “narrative peaks” and “internal evaluations”),

(b) tracking important referents (e.g. protagonists, other topical referents), and

(c) structuring the discourse by indicating thematic paragraphs.

The workshop will bring together researchers working on discourse structure and the syntax-discourse interface to discuss and investigate person-based deictics (and forms historically derived from them, such as topic markers and other discourse particles) in terms of their roles in discourse.



Person-based deictics as discourse markers

Workshop Program

9:00 Anna Margetts

Introduction: Person-based deictics as discourse markers

9:30 Stefan Schnell and Geoffrey Haig

Where do all the objects go? Cross-linguistic investigation of objects in discourse

10:00 Morning Tea
10:30 Simon Musgrave

Subject marking in an Oceanic language: what motivates its omission?

11:00 Howard Manns

Exploring the nexus of the spatial, personal and social in Indonesian narrative

11:30 Catherine Cook

Personal Deixis in Simultaneous Active Narratives

12:00 Eva Schultze-Berndt

Mirativity, evidentiality, intersubjectivity: there it is in an Australian language (as you and I can see)!

12:30 Lunch
1:30 Oleg Belyaev and Diana Forker

Contrastiveness, focus marking and person enclitics in Dargi

2:00 Deborah Hill

Third person pronouns as determiners: anaphoric reference in an Oceanic language

2:30 Lesley Stirling

Appositional / determiner uses of pronouns and discourse function in Kala Lagaw Ya narratives

3:00 Afternoon Tea
3:30 Birgit Hellwig

Person switch in Goemai narratives

4:00 Discussion