Asher’s research focuses on five key streams

  1. Technology-facilitated sexual violence (including a key focus on image-based sexual abuse);
  2. Plea negotiations and prosecutorial discretion;
  3. Gendered violence;
  4. Rape and sexual violence;
  5. Access to justice.


  • Capstone Editing Carer’s Travel Grant for Academic Women (2018)
  • Faculty of Arts Research Impact Award (2018)
  • Faculty of Arts Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2017)
  • Visiting Fellow in Law, University of Durham (UK) (2018)
  • Research Fellow in Law, Centre for Criminal Justice, School of Law, Warwick University (UK) (2014-2017)
  • Lifetime Research Fellow in Social Sciences, Mannix College, Monash University (2014-ongoing)
  • Faculty of Arts Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research by Early Career Researchers, Monash University (2014)
  • Emerging Research Fellow, Faculty of Arts, Monash University (2014)
  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology New Scholar Award (2013)
  • Research Fellow in Arts, Mannix College, Monash University (2013)
  • Research Fellow in Law, University of Manchester (UK) (2013)
  • Visiting Fellow, Centre for Criminal Justice, University of Warwick (UK) (2013)

Research Keywords

  • Image-based sexual abuse (“revenge pornography”)
  • Plea negotiations
  • Prosecutorial discretion
  • Access to Justice
  • Sexual violence
  • Legal Aid
  • Victims’ Rights
  • Law Reform

Current Postgraduate Supervisions

Doctorate by Research: ‘Cognitive and Pyschological Factors present in Australian Violent Offenders’

Candidate: Laura Anderson

Supervisors: Professor Olaf Drummer (Main), Dr Jennifer Pilgrim (Associate) and Dr Asher Flynn (Associate)

Doctorate by research: ‘”Yes Means Yes”: An Analysis of Legal Constructions of Consent in Victoria’

Candidate: Rachael Burgin

Supervisors: Dr Asher Flynn (Main) and Professor Jude McCulloch (Associate).

Doctorate by research: ‘Rapes That Are Not Crimes: Feminist Debates, Average Guys and Why Novels Don’t Deal With Them’

Candidate: Giulia Mastrantoni

Supervisors: Dr Asher Flynn (main), Dr John Hawke (Associate) and Professor Sue Kossew (Associate)

Doctorate by research: ‘Australian School Leaver and First-Year University Students’ Understandings of Consent’.

Candidate: Katherine Schofield

Supervisors: Dr Asher Flynn (Main) and Dr James Roffee (Associate, External)

Doctorate by research: ‘”A man’s home is his castle and mine is a cage”: Pathways to remedy and access to justice for economic partner abuse in Victoria’.

Candidate: Madeleine Ulbrick

Supervisors: Dr Asher Flynn (Main) & Professor Jude McCulloch (Associate).

Doctorate by research: ‘Sharing Experiences of Violence as Prevention Strategy’

Candidate: Lisa Wheildon

Supervisors: Dr Asher Flynn (Main) & Professor Jacqui True (Associate).

Completed Supervisions

Doctorate by Research: ‘Justice Reinvestment: Reimagining Criminal Justice Policy’ (2018)

Dr Kate Burns

Supervisors: Dr Asher Flynn (Main) and Dr Claire Spivakovsky (Associate).

Doctorate by Research: ‘Accessing Victims’ Rights within the Adversarial Process: The Viability of Legal Representation for Victims in the Prosecution Process’ (2017)

Dr Mary Iliadis

Supervisors: Dr Asher Flynn (Main) and Professor Jude McCulloch (Associate).

Doctorate by research: ‘An Examination of Post-release treatment programs and support services for released prisoners with Alcohol Use Disorders in Victoria’ (2016)

Dr Christina Kirtley

Supervisors: Dr Asher Flynn (Main) and Professor Sharon Pickering (Associate).

Doctorate by research: ‘Exploring Community Perceptions of Victoria Police: A Case Study of the Monash Local Government Area, Melbourne’ (2017)

Dr Allegra Schermuly

Supervisors: Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett (Main) and Dr Asher Flynn (Associate).

Rach BKate BurnsMary I

Rachael Burgin, Kate Burns & Mary Iliadis presenting at the SoSS HDR Symposium in October 2014.