Postgraduate Research Supervisions

Current Supervision

Research PhD. “Die Gegenwart der Vergangenheit” – Deutsche Erinnerungskultur, Kulturelles Gedachtnis und die Politik der Amnestie. The Post-Wende German novel and the normalisation of the Berlin Republic. Supervisors: Fliethmann, A (Joint), Weller, C (Joint-co).
Research MA. Dialogue and the other: Philosophical Hermeneutics. Supervisors: Benjamin, A (Main), Fliethmann, A (Associate).

Completed Supervision

Student: Lane, D. Program of Study: In the name of Nietzsche: Deleuze and the aesthetic dimension of thought. (PHD) 2010. Supervisors: Ross, A (Main), Fliethmann, A (Associate).
Student: Savage, R. Program of Study: HOLDERLIN AFTER THE CATASTROPHE: HEIDEGGER – ADORNO – BRECHT. (PHD) 2005. Supervisors: Roberts, D (Main), Fliethmann, A (Associate).