Teaching / Supervision

Teaching Units

I teach units in Japanese studies and Asian Studies, including a unit on Japanese history called Japan as Empire: from Meiji to 1945 (ATS 3652), and a unit on the politics of war memory and commemoration in the Asia Pacific called War and Memory in the Asia Pacific: legacies of World War II (ATS2382). I also coordinate and teach ATS2941 Asia’s Underside: Violence, Crime and Protest. I am also a regular guest lecturer in various units.


I have previously supervised Honours, masters and PhD theses dealing variously with history, political debates about history, oral history, popular memory in Japanese studies but also other settings.

I  am willing to supervise in the following areas:

  • Topics relating to Japanese history, especially post-war history, occupation history, history of war crimes, any aspect of the 1950s, war legacies, disputes about representations of the past
  • Topics relating to the Second World War, on the Japanese homefront, in the colonies, and in the occupied areas of China, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.
  • Migration topics, especially forced migration, dislocation and forced repatriations, especially in the wake of World War II.
  • Topics relating to constructions of national identity, migrant identity, minority group identity etc.
  • I would also be glad to discuss possible topics in gender studies, minority studies, and popular cultures.

Postgraduate Research Supervisions

Current Supervision

  • Ali Jabbar Motasher Al-Bakaa, Main Supervisor (Principal Supervisor). Enrolled: Doctorate by Research. Project title: Iraqi local interpreters for the Australian Defence Force in the war zone: From Linguistic competence to cultural mediation. Supervisor 60%

    Basil Cahusac de Caux; Associate Supervisor. Enrolled: Doctorate by Research.Project title: Internationalisation and Language: Umesao Tadao and Japanese Language Reform. Supervisor 25%

    Prudence Shaw Holstein,Main Supervisor (Principal Supervisor). Enrolled: Doctorate by Research. Project title: German merchants in the foreign community, Japan 1860-1950. Supervisor 75%

    Gwyn Andrew McClelland, Main Supervisor (Principal Supervisor).Enrolled: Doctorate by Research. Project title: Nagasaki 70 years on: A cross-disciplinary examination of understory and dangerous memories. Supervisor 75%

    Adam Antoni Zulawnik, Main Supervisor (Principal Supervisor). Enrolled: Doctorate by Research. Project title: Translation Controversy – Translation methodology for controversial texts exemplified through the translation of ‘Hate Korean Wave’Supervisor 75%

Completed Supervision

  • Student: Roman, M. Program of Study: Framing the Korean ‘comfort women’ movement: domestic constraints and transnational alignments. (PHD) 2011. Supervisors: Davies, G (Main), Cho, Y (Associate), Trefalt, B (Associate).
  • Student: Tobias, S. Program of Study: Traversing textual terrains: strategies for translating metaphor in Japanese-English literary translation. (PHD) 2009. Supervisors: Trefalt, B (Main), Wilson, R (Associate).