Documentary Studies

Histories and aesthetics of documentary; the nonhuman, animals and documentary; the politics of spectatorship, subjectivity and publicness; digital forms of documentary media

Australian Film and Television

Transnational cinema; diasporic film and television; gender and Australian cinema

Women and Film and Television

Female directors; women and documentary; transnational women’s cinema; popular cinema, film genre and women

The Environment and Animal Studies

Film and digital media and the environment; the politics of human/nonhuman relations; science and the media; ecocinema


External Grants

ARC Discovery Grant 2009-2011: Project Title: The History of Asian Australian Cinema: Diaspora, Policy and Ethics.  Chief Investigators: Dr AI Yue (Melbourne); Dr OS Khoo (Monash); Dr BM Smaill (Monash). More information, and a dedicated database of films and directors, can be found on the project’s website: