Teaching Awards and Accolades

ANU Student’s Union Last Lecture 2011: ‘Crisis and Uncertainty: contemporary Europe as an analogy for teaching and learning’;

ANU Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2006.

Monash University

ATS1873 Introduction to International Relations

ATS2275-3275 The European Union from Consensus to Crisis (a Semester in Prato unit)

ATS3974 Security and European Integration

APG5435 The European Union

ATS1303 Contemporary Europe

Australian National University

Undergraduate courses I have taught (usual enrolments in brackets): 

EURO1004 Europe in the Modern Era: foundations of international relations (350);

EURO2003 The European Union: institutions, policies and challenges (180);

EURO2011 Nationalism in Europe: history, politics, theory (150)

HIST2140 Europe in the Twentieth Century (180

POLS2025 Politics in Britain (150);

 Honours courses taught since 2004 (equivalent to Masters courses):

POLS4105 Uniting Europe: history, politics, theory

POLS4015 Euroscepticism and English Nationalism (2011);

POLS4015 Security in the New Europe (with Dr Klaus Klaiber) (2008).

POLS4015 Britain in Europe: British politics and the European Union (2006);

POLS4015 Crown and Country: nations and nationalism in Britain and Australia (2005);