• Research interests

    • My research interests include international mechanisms for responding to global climate change, the possibilities for order in the international political system, the nature of sovereignty and the scope of international law in constructing governmental capacities
    • I am also engaged in research concerning learning related topics, including off-campus and online learning, and have a long-standing interest in the role of pedagogy and student-centred curriculum
    • In recent years I have become interested in cross-disciplinary research activities, engaging in work that overlaps with Public Relations, Communications and Cultural Studies. This work focuses on diverse topics including interpersonal relations and professional relationship dynamics, and theatre as a source of social and political reform. 

    Current research projects

    • Working with Dr. Stuart Levy towards the completion of The End of Democracy and Progress: water, order and climate change
    • Working with Debra Manning, Mark Symmons and David Wolstencroft on some topics concerning off campus learning, specifically focusing on the use of role play in group learning.