• Publications - Introduction Read more
  • The Journalist who Laughed, co-authored with Garry Sturgess and illustrated by Vane Lindesay (Hutchinson) Face Value: The Kay Nesbit Story (Penguin) Read more
  • A Year of One’s Own, anthology co-edited by Birnbauer including a short story. (Stanford University Publication Services) Read more
  • Lessons from Abroad: partnerships,  in Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World, edited by Stephen Tanner and Nick Richardson, Oxford, 2013 The power of investigative journalism and why it is needed more than ever in Australian Journalism Today, edited by Matthew Ricketson; published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 The Big Pong Down Under and Boil-Water Alerts in Australia’s Largest ... Read more
  • We have the means, but what’s the model? A better way for universities and industry to produce investigative journalism. Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference:  Global Networks-Global Divides: Bridging New and Traditional Communication Challenges, Perth, 2013. Populating the emptying newsrooms: the implications of an emerging new role for journalism schools. Journalism Education Association ... Read more
  • ‘The Big Lie’, writer/producer with Terry Carlyon; SBS Television ‘Sudden Death’, writer, ABC Television Read more