Teaching / Supervision


Brady currently teaches:

ATS2561 – Sex and the media
ATS1366 – The individual and society

HDR Supervision

Brady currently supervises and is available for further research supervision in the following areas:

  • Digital social media use
  • Sociology of youth
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Digital research methods

Below is a list of current and past projects Brady supervises:


  • PhD: Wearable Wellbeing: Understanding Self-Tracking for Better Health
  • PhD: Exploring the Significance of ICTs in Intimate Relationship Construction, Experience, and Dissolution
  • PhD: Out of the Digital Closet: Young Same-Sex Attracted People’s Experience of Coming Out Online
  • PhD: Investigating the Behavioural and Attitudinal Characteristics of the Australian Football League’s Tasmanian Members, Associates, Supporters and Fans Through the Lens of Neo-Tribalism
  • PhD: Gay Neo-Tribes: An Exploration of Space and Travel Behaviour


  • Honours: File-Sharer Behaviours and Membership in Private Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Honours: The role of digital social media in re-partnering practices for people in their 30s and 40s
  • Honours: Tool, Toy & Tutor: Understanding Self-Tracking Devices
  • Honours: Coming out on YouTube: Young same-sex attracted men’s experience of coming out online