Multicultural Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Health of Paramount Importance

Contraceptive technologies and reproductive choices among immigrant and refugee women were at the centre of a recent interview training workshop. As a voice for and from immigrant and refugee women, the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH), with partners, is researching access to and advice around contraceptives and reproductive health services, and how providers ensure women’s choices are informed in these realms.

Focusing on the importance of immigrant and refugee women as the centre of the work, Senior Policy and Research Advocate Dr. Regina Quiazon explained how the agency is tackling issues ranging from international students and reproductive health, to cross-cultural health training programs informed by immigrant and refugee women. Balancing research, policy, training and advocacy, MCWH manages to strike a robust balance between these priorities.

With a small but dedicated staff, this agency’s vision of a national voice for immigrant and refugee women’s wellbeing within Australia shines through when speaking to Dr. Quiazon. Meeting with me at a bright warehouse space in Collingwood over coffee, her passion for the work and the multiple roles which she fills within the agency are clear.

Whether it be writing journal articles, attending speaking engagements, or educating health students, she stresses how the work brings an explicitly feminist approach to the topic of multicultural women’s health. I left with not only a better understanding of MCWH, but with a desire to learn more about the important work accomplished through the Centre.

Learn more about the MCWH and look out for future work on topics such as migrant women working in the aged care sector and FGM in Australia here.


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