Non-Westernised views of irregular migration at the Bangladesh border

In a research effort using a media content analysis to examine a non-Westernised view of irregular migration of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, BOb’s Brandy Cochrane, assisted by Master’s student Rasaam Chowdhury, has reached three major findings on this border crossing issue. Ultimately, she argues that more research must be done in developing countries, including Bangladesh, around borders and the reaction of the public to these borders and irregular migration flows. 

Her three major research findings are;

(1) Verbiage of refugees changed from victims to invaders over a three-month period and in that same period, the numbers of refugees reported went up drastically which is not corroborated by UN numbers.

(2) Public opinion on Rohinhya refugees is marginalized within Bangladeshi newspapers.

(3) Very few newspapers mentioned how Bangladeshi citizens along the border help these refugees.  This may be a type of agenda setting (McCombs, 2013)– Government policies in Bangladesh have moved to a closed border itinerary, so opinions which counter that may be marginalized in public discourses.

Brandy recently presented these findings to an academic audience in a conference paper titled,’Bhētōrē āśun; Cōlē jān (Come in; Go away): Public Opinions about Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh’ at theCritical Criminology Conference held in Adelaide in July.

Next, Brandy will be presenting a paper on deaths which occur at the borders of the EU and Australia, with a particular focus  on the racialised and socioencomic character of these deaths at the annual Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC) Conference in October in Brisbane. 

For more information on media representations of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh or deaths at the border in the EU and Australia, visit Brandy’s profile page to find her contact details. 


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