Undergraduate Teaching

I have been teaching undergraduate Criminology and historical studies since 2001. Currently I am coordinating:

ATS1282 Criminal Justice: An Introduction 

ATS3459 Punishment, Power and Prisons

ATS4699 Criminology Honours Coursework: Research Practice and Policy

Higher Degree Supervision

I am available to supervise PhD and MA theses focused on histories and theories of punishment in Australia and internationally. I am particularly interested in research that aligns with my expertise and that is broadly focused on generating theoretical and empirical insights into institutionally generated harm and violence.

I am currently welcoming candidates prepared to pursue the following specific research project areas:

Prison Privatisation in Australia and Internationally: A Comparative Perspective

Deaths in Closed Institutions

Deaths in Custody and State Accountability: 20 Years on from RCIADIC 

Alternatives to Imprisonment: Imagining a Prison-Free Future 

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Current Supervisions

Cara Gledhill,  Gender, risk assessment and bail decision-making in Victoria (Doctorate by Research)
Supervisors: Carlton, B (Main), Mcculloch, J (Associate).
Emma Russell, Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and the state of Victoria (Doctorate by Research)
Carlton, B (Main), Mcculloch, J (Associate).

Completed Supervisions

Emma Colvin, Conditional justice – therapeutic bail in Victoria. (PHD) 2014. Supervisors: Carlton, B (Main), Mcculloch, J (Associate).
Bridget Harris, Just spaces: Community legal centres as places of law (PHD) 2013. Supervisors: Mcculloch, J (Joint-Co), Carlton, B (Joint).
Emma Ryan Below the belt: police use of conducted energy weapons in Australia. (PHD) 2012. Supervisors: Mcculloch, J (Joint-Co), Carlton, B (Joint).
David Vakalis, Guns, bikes & leather: moral panic and the 2008 South Australian ‘anti-bikie’ laws. (Masters) 2013. Mcculloch, J (Main), Carlton, B (Associate)