Completions – PhD and Masters-by-Research

Michael Scibilia (PhD) ‘World Wrestling Entrepreneur: The Meaning of Vince McMahon for Entrepreneurialism in Media Sport’, 2018. (Primary Supervisor)

Shaun Ratcliff (PhD) ‘Interest Aggregators or Office Chasers? Examining Evidence for Party Difference in Australia from the 1960s to the 2000s’, 2017. (Co-Supervisor)

Earvin Cabalquinto (PhD) ‘At Home From Afar: The Mobile Lives of the Transnational Filipino Family’, 2016. (Primary Supervisor)

Darren Valentine (PhD) ‘Rethinking Theatre and its Digital Double’, 2016. (Associate Supervisor)

Rufus McEwen (PhD) ‘Convergence and Radio in New Zealand: Investigating Convergence Processes through the New Zealand Radio Industry’, 2016. (Primary Supervisor)

Claudio Jofre Lorenas (PhD) ‘Journalism and News Cultures: Journalistic Practices and Online Media in the Chilean Newsroom’, 2016. (Primary Supervisor)

Juan Diego Santamaria (PhD) ‘Branding Australia: The Commercial Construction of Australianness’, 2015. (Associate Supervisor)

Shafizan Mohamed (PhD), ‘Blogging and Citizenship: The Lived Experience of Malaysian Bloggers’, 2014. (Associate Supervisor)

Maeva Veerapeen (PhD) ‘Living a Symbembodied Life: A Phenomenological Investigation of Second Life’, 2013.  (Associate Supervisor)

Hans Haupt (MA) ‘The Social Experience of Online Console Video Gaming in South Africa’, Monash South Africa, 2012. (Primary Supervisor)

Julie Freeman (PhD) ‘Local E-Government: Politics and Civic Participation’, 2011. (Primary supervisor)

John Budarick (PhD) ‘Seeking Security in an Unstable World: Media and the Iranian-Australian Diaspora’, 2011. (Associate Supervisor)

Ranilo Hermida (PhD) ‘Between Discourse and Practice: Constitutional Rhetoric and Political Reality in Philippine Society in Light of the Habermasian Theory of Law and Democracy’, 2010. (Associate Supervisor)

Jens Schröeder (PhD) ‘‘Killer Games’ Versus ‘We Will Fund Violence’: The Perception of Digital Games and Mass Media in Germany and Australia’, HFF “Konrad Wolf” University of Film and Television Studies, Potsdam, Germany, 2010. (Second Supervisor)

Current Supervisions

Lupita Wijaya (PhD) ‘Comparing Media Coverage of the South China Sea Conflict: A Cross-Regional Approach’. (Primary Supervisor)

Maddie Thomas (PhD) ‘Communicating Public Health Risks from Pollution and Waste’. (Primary Supervisor)

Sean Childs (PhD) ‘The Australian Army: Public Perception, Social Media and 24 Hour News’. (Associate Supervisor)

Antranig Sarian (MA), ‘Issues in Interactive Narrative’. (Associate Supervisor)