New Ways to Explore the Centenary with the BBC and the Guardian

The Guardian: A Global Guide to the First World War – An Interactive Documentary 

Ten historians from 10 countries give a brief history of the first world war through a global lens. Using original news reports, interactive maps and rarely-seen footage, including extraordinary scenes of troops crossing Mesopotamia on camels and Italian soldiers fighting high up in the Alps, the half-hour film explores the war and its effects from many different perspectives. You can watch the documentary in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic or Hindi.

BBC World Service: The War That Changed the World – Australia, The Legend of Anzac 

Australia’s experience of WW1 is like no other country’s in the world. In association with the British Council, BBC presenter Razia Iqbal and an Australian audience debate the role the ‘legend of Anzac’ played in the hundred year history of Australia since the first Anzac Day. With Marilyn Lake from the University of Melbourne, Bruce Scates of Monash University and theatre director and playwright Wesley Enoch – a relative of one Aboriginal WW1 soldier, Horace Thomas Dalton.