Dr Bruno David

  • Bruno has spent an extraordinary amount of his working life collaborating with local Indigenous communities in Australia, Torres Strait, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. These projects have been intimately based on the interests of local communities, with Bruno frequently responding to requests for personal visits and further research emerging from previous collaborations.

    Bruno involves local Indigenous communities in all stages from preliminary visits prior to fieldwork, proper employment of field crews nominated by community leaders, and, importantly, in the analysis, interpretation, writing and presentation of results. Desi Grainer (Kuku Djungan Aboriginal Corporation) writes about the Ngarrabullgan research in Cape York Peninsula, that ‘through the years in which Bruno has worked with our people he has shown respect and leadership in how he went about his business amongst the Djungan people and at the same time helping to support and empower Djungan people to understand, acquire and record knowledge … to protect and conserve country for future generations.’

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