Dr Casimir MacGregor

  • Casimir is a member of the sociology programme at Monash University.  His theoretical and empirical research focuses on biopolitics, especially the socio-cultural, political, bioethical and legal dimensions of biomedical technologies and practices relevant to public policy and treatment markets.

    Casimir is currently a Research Fellow on two Australian Research Council-funded studies:

    High hopes, high risks: a sociological study of stem-cell tourism, working with Professor Alan Petersen (Monash University), Professor Steven Wainwright (Brunel University), Associate Professor Megan Munsie (Stem Cells Australia), Dr Claire Tanner (Monash University) and Jane Kotey (Doctoral Candidate). The project investigates the phenomenon of stem cell tourism, particularly the factors shaping patients’ and their carers’ expectations and experiences of treatments and providers. If you would be interested in participating in the project, click here to find out more about what’s involved.

    A sociological analysis of the anti-ageing treatment markets: the dynamics of expectations, working with Professor Alan Petersen (Monash University) and Professor Christine Parker (Monash University).  The aim of the project is to reveal how expectations shape emerging treatment markets.  Focusing on some common anti-ageing treatments, such as cosmetic treatments, regenerative therapies, prosthetic devices and implants for restoring impaired or failed bodily function- the project will shed new light on the dynamics of new and emerging treatment markets.

    Casimir is also co-ordinating and lecturing AGP4681: social research practice, within the sociology honours programme.


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