• Monographs

    • Student Voices in Transition: The experiences of pathways students (with Stuart Levy). Johannesburg: Van Schaik, 2011, forthcoming
    • Latrobe Community Health Service: Our History, 1973-2010, Morwell, VIC: Latrobe Community Health Service, 2011
    • A Home of Many Rooms: Celebrating the Australian Vietnamese Women’s Welfare Association, Richmond, VIC: Australian Vietnamese Women’s Welfare Association and Victoria University, 2008

    Peer reviewed journal articles

    • ‘Vietnam’s “Informal Public” Spaces: Belonging and Social Distance in Post-Reform Ho Chi Minh City’, Journal of Vietnamese Studies, Vol.5, No.1, February 2010
    • ‘A generation after the war: Welfare issues among Vietnamese refugees in Melbourne, Australia’, Children in War: The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies, Vol.1, No.6, January 2010
    • ‘Vietnamese Children in War: Women’s Memoirs of Growing Up in the First Indochina War, 1945-1954’, Children in War: The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies, Vol.1, No.5, January 2008

    Book chapters

    • ‘Indochina’s Invisible Victims: Vietnamese women’s memoirs of growing up in the First Indochina War, 1945-1954’ in M. Parsons (ed.), Children: The Invisible Victims of War, Denton, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK: DSM, 2008

    Recent conference presentations

    • ‘Gendering migration, embodying cultural capital and Ho Chi Minh City’s migrant students’, a paper presented at The Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) Tenth International Women in Asia Conference. The Australian National University, Canberra, Sept 29-Oct 1, 2010
    • ‘Spirit, mind, body: Experiences of post-war settlement and citizenship in Melbourne’s Vietnamese community’, a paper presented at The Vietnam Inheritance: Cultural, social and political legacies of the Vietnam War in Australia – An Interdisciplinary Symposium marking the 35th anniversary of the end of the war. Monash University Caulfield, April 29-30, 2010
    • ‘Brain exchanges, cosmopolitanism and mobility among Ho Chi Minh City’s graduates’, a paper presented at Engaging with Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue. Monash University Conference Centre, Melbourne, February 23 -24, 2010
    • ‘Preparing Bradley for university and the university for Bradley: Low SES student transition and retention in regional Victoria’ (with Stuart Levy), a paper presented at Monash Transition, Retention and Progression Forum, Monash University Caulfield, Dec 9, 2009
    • ‘Virtual Vietnam: Exploring Transformations in Urban Youth Culture Online’, a paper presented at 5th International Conference ‘Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilizations’, State University of Russia, Moscow, June 23-26, 2009
    • ‘Student Voices in Transition’, Student panel and paper presented at Monash Transition Roundtable, Monash University Clayton, Nov 25, 2008
    • ‘Cosmopolitan or cultural dissonance? Middle-class encounters with the other’, in A.M. Vicziany and R. Cribb (eds.) Proceedings of the 17th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), Melbourne, Australia: Is this the Asian Century? Melbourne: Monash Asia Institute, Monash University. Available:, 2008
    • ‘Cosmopolitan subjectivities through the lens of postsocialist anthropology: Remaking youth culture at Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Culture Palace’, a paper presented at 2008 SOYUZ Annual Meeting: Contemporary Critical Inquiry Through the Lens of Postsocialism, University of California Berkeley, April 24-27, 2008