Doctorate by Research (main supervisions)

  • Chang, R. “Mindful writing practice: An integrated exploration of mindfulness through creative writing”
  • Savage, A. “The Surrogate Other: Australian-Indonesian Surrogacy Connections”
  • Milner, J. “Redcurrents (Novel); Patterns of Ecological Loss (Exegesis)”
  • McGuire, M. “Polish Migration to Australia”

Doctorate by Research (associate supervisions)

  • Anderson, J. “Permission to speak: an Australian student in China 1979-1983”
  • McFarlane, R. “Spinning droplets: Second generation South East Asian diasporic poetry”

Recent Completions

Doctorate by Research (main supervisions)

  • Uko, N. “In the name of the fathers”
  • Giffard-Foret, P. “Place tectonics in Austral/Asia: hybridity and identity drift in Southeast Asian Australian women’s literature”
  • Convery, S. “Literature as political activism: literary representations of Indigenous Australia by Anglo and Indigenous writers & Big River”
  • Dalal, S. “Reinscribing home: South Asian diasporic fiction in Australia”
  • Evangelista, E. “The lost comedian (a novel) & Beyond the latticed view: translating self, memory and place in a second language (exegesis)”
  • Khan, A. “Jackal’s Orchard (a novel) & In the muses’ labyrinth: discovering the configurations of a creative process (exegesis)”

Doctorate by Research (associate supervisions)

  • Macfarlane, R. “Spinning droplets: Non-first generation East and Southeast Asian Australian poets and the discourse of water”
  • Noske, C. “The call of Salt: White Australian writing and anxieties of landscape”
  • Mooney-Singh, C. “Bamboo in the backyard – emergence of Asia in Australian poetry”
  • Hashim, R. “Malay comedy in a late colonial and post-colonial context: the Singapore comedy films of P. Ramlee, 1957-1964”

Masters by Research (main supervisions)

  • Clifford, MS. “The grace of flight (A Novella) & the shape of the past: memory, loss and exile in Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero”
  • Fitch, A. “The Role of the Outsider’s Voice in Representation: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Fiction of Toni Morrison and Michael Ondaatje”

Masters by Research (Associate supervisions)

  • Malalasekera, A. “Difficulties Encountered in Translating Postcolonial Writing – A study of Pragmatic Aspects, with Reference to the Translation of Fiction from Sinhala to English”