Dr Chris Murray

I am a specialist in British Romanticism, with particular interests in Orientalism, Irish studies, and the reception of the classical tradition. Primarily I work on the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, and John Keats, with attention to other authors such as Joanna Baillie, Sara Coleridge, Edward Gibbon, Charles Lamb, and Thomas de Quincey. Increasingly I am drawn to nineteenth-century interdisciplinarity, particularly the relation of literary texts to material culture. I’m also an author of narrative non-fiction. What unites these themes is a fascination with what happens when different cultures come into contact; whether it’s the way that ninteenth-century authors reinterpret classical myth, or how Zen traditions pass into modern settings.

I was educated at University College Dublin (BA), and moved to the UK to further my studies at the University of Bristol (MA) and the University of Warwick (PhD). In 2017 I joined Monash, having held fellowships at Durham University and Nanyang Technological University. I have taught Romantic, Victorian, Anglo-Irish, and Gothic literature – as well as nineteenth-century Orientalism – and would be happy to hear from prospective research students in any of those areas.