My research focusses on British Romanticism and the genre’s dialogues with Classics, Irish studies, and Asia. I tend to trace the development of particular ideas in ways that lure me back to the eighteenth century (and further) for authors who influenced the Romantics, and into the Victorian period to explore Romantic legacies.

My first book, Tragic Coleridge, examines the philosophy of sacrifice in the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which he derives primarily from Greek tragedy, but also from his reading of Shakespeare, Milton, and various German theorists. Here’s an interview about the book. Further essays examine tragic ideas in Wordsworth and Keats, and how Romantics draw on authors of the ancient past in order to comment on the present.

At present I am writing a book for Oxford University Press on the importance of Classical learning in nineteenth-century British portrayals of China. I have also a narrative non-fiction book forthcoming in 2018, which is based on my time in Asia.