I joined Monash University as Foundation Professor of Journalism in February 2008. For the previous ten years I had been Director of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) at the University of Technology, Sydney.  I am broadly interested in the interface between professional, intellectual and creative activity in journalism, and their relationship to social and political processes.

I have worked professionally in radio and television at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and as an independent documentary film producer/director. I have won the Walkley Award for Journalism, for the ‘Lynch Affair’ – an investigation of some land deals of the then Federal Treasurer Philip Lynch, which led to his resignation as Treasurer during the 1977 Federal election campaign.  My best-known documentary film Philippines, my Philippines had international television and film festival release, and cinema and television release in Australia.  An earlier film, Brigadistas, was shown at film festivals in Australia and Latin America.  Both titles are available on Vimeo and through the Australian National Film and Sound Archive.

I was the Director and Co-Producer with Shirley Alexander at the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) of the Australia Street Archive, which was a collaborative WWW social documentary between UTS and the Australian Museum about the decoration of domestic space and its meaning. I was the Australian leader of the Tumblong project, a collaborative WWW venture between the IML at UTS and the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford University, working with cultural institutions in both countries. Tumblong involved the collaborative production of art on the Web about the relationship between the two countries by artists working in the UK and Australia, and was financially supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and the Arts Council of England.

Currently I am researching, directing and producing a feature-length film documentary on the life and family of a mixed heritage Aboriginal man Henry Lampard (1849-1929) of the Ngarrindjeri people of South Australia, whose non-Aboriginal father may have been an ancestor of my partner and our children.

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