Podcast on Derrida, metaphysics and Reformed theology

In January I had the pleasure of recording a series of three podcasts with the Reformed Forum discussing Derrida’s metaphysics, ethics and theology alongside ideas from the Reformed theological tradition. The first of the podcasts has just been released here.

In this first podcast I introduce Derrida and debunk the myth that he thinks language is meaningless or that things can mean whatever we want them to mean. I then unpack the famous phrase “il n’y a pas de hors-texte” (“there is nothing outside the text”) and the notions of logocentrism and différance, before reflecting on the creator/creature distinction and the Trinity in relation to Derridean thought.

Many thanks to  James BairdJonathan Brack and all at the Reformed Forum for making the preparation and recording of these podcasts such a pleasurable experience.

Derrida Reformed Forum podcast 1