Professor Christina Twomey

Christina Twomey is a Professor of History, and Head of School for the School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies. She is the author of four books: The Battle Within: POWs in post-war Australia (2018);  A History of Australia (2nd Edition, 2017, co-authored with Mark Peel), Australia’s Forgotten Prisoners: Civilians Interned by the Japanese in World War II (2007) and Deserted and Destitute: Motherhood, Wife Desertion and Colonial Welfare (2002). Christina has also published widely on the cultural history of war, with a focus on issues of imprisonment, captivity, witnessing, the photography of atrocity, gender and memory.

Christina is Director of the Faculty of Arts Focus Program Global Conflict and Violence and a member of the international coordinating committee of Historians Without Borders. Previously an ARC Future Fellow (2012-15), she is currently researching civilian internment and concentration policies at three different colonial sites in the late nineteenth century: South Africa, Cuba and the Philippines. 

Along with colleagues at Monash, Macquarie and Nanyang Universities, Christina’s latest research project, ‘Australia’s Asian Garrisons’, examines Australia’s overseas military communities in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong between 1945-1988. ABC Radio National featured the project in this recent interview with Christina.

Hear Christina discussing her research on POWs on ABC Radio National with Fran Kelly, and in the RN Hindsight documentary, ‘The History of Forgetting: From Shell-shock to Trauma’.

See Christina discuss her work on Australian civilian internees on ABC TV’s 7.30 report by clicking here