Current projects

Re-thinking the Television Critic in a Post-Television Landscape (main supervisor)

Editing Popular Perception: The Evolving Influence of Online Remix Videos (main supervisor)

Is there a Baudrillardian Film Philosophy? (joint supervisor)

Dennis Hopper: Maestro of Film Art (joint supervisor)

Extreme Performance (joint supervisor)

Women and Islam in Contemporary Pakistani Cinema (associate supervisor)

Discursive Strategies: Normalising Contraventions of International Law and Human Rights with Cinematic and Televisual Representations of Terrorism (associate supervisor)

Completed projects

Biocapitalism and Schizophrenia (main supervisor)

Not ‘Just a Phase’: Queer Girls in Contemporary Screen Media (associate supervisor)

Difficult Subjects: Women, Violence and Subjectivity in Distinguished Cinema (associate supervisor)

The Void of Experience: Moments of Musical Rupture in Cinema (associate supervisor)

Reality Regained: A Baudrillardian Reading of Ballard’s Crash and Dumont’s Twentynine Palms