Dr Claire Spivakovsky

Claire Spivakovsky is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology. Prior to joining Monash, Claire worked in the community and government sectors developing a range of social and criminal justice projects which advocated for the rights and needs of marginalized populations.

Claire studies the interaction between cultural norms, societal structures and institutional responses that contribute to the inclusion or exclusion of people with disability in society. Her scholarly interests center on how the treatment of people with disability in society shapes the operation of norms, the power dynamics of normalisation, and the experiences of that which we have come to think of as freedom. Claire’s research follows these interests across a wide spectrum of topics, from the inclusive education of children with disability, to the everyday practices of disability group homes, and the development of specialist mental health court procedures.

Claire is also passionate about teaching and learning. In 2018 she coordinates the second year unit, Race, Crime and DifferenceClaire believes that the teaching and learning arena provides academics with an unparalleled and fundamental capacity to influence, motivate and inspire the next generation of problem-solvers, and provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible global citizens.