Claire has worked within and across the academic, community and government sectors for the past nine years

Claire completed her doctoral thesis at the University of Melbourne in 2010. Prior to her completion, Claire worked as a Lecturer in Criminology at Deakin University (2009-2010), teaching undergraduate units in criminological theory and research methods.

In early 2011 Claire joined the Australian Community Support Organization (ACSO) as a Policy and Research Officer. ACSO is a leading community support organization with a reputation for assisting some of the most disenfranchised members of Victoria’s community. ACSO currently provides services for people with an intellectual disability, mental illness, offending history, employment issues and alcohol and other drug problems.

In late 2011 Claire moved to the Victorian Office of the Public Advocate to work as a Policy and Research Officer (OPA). OPA is an independent statutory body which works to protect and promote the interests, rights and dignity of people with a cognitive impairment or mental illness living in the Australian state of Victoria.

In 2012 Claire took a Community Planner position at Moonee Valley City Council. In this role Claire was responsible for developing and overseeing the Council’s human rights, disability, and reconciliation portfolios.

Claire joined Monash University in 2013, and is committed to drawing on her diverse work experiences to respond to the interests, strengths and pressures facing the different sectors in the social and criminal justice arena.