ATS2344/ATS3344 – Archaeology in Italy
ATS2351 – The archaeology of death in ancient Egypt: The early dynastic period to middle kingdom
ATS2352 – Egypt’s golden age
ATS2924 – Ancient Egyptian language: The basics
ATS2925 – Ancient Egyptian language: Intermediary stage
ATS3339 – Egypt: The broken reed?

Postgraduate study of ancient Egyptian language and Archaeological Theory reading group.


Recent Completions

Ben Suelzle, ‘Ancient Egyptian State Formation and Elite Burial Practices’ (PhD 2011)

Caroline Hubschamm, ‘The oases of the Western Desert of Egypt during the Third Intermediate and Late Periods: the study of a regional identity.’ (PhD 2009)

Amy Pettman, ‘Ain el-Gazzareen: New Insight into the Old Kingdom – Egyptian Presence n the Dakhleh Oasis.’ (MA 2009)

Ashten Warfe, ‘A Study of the pottery remains from early and mid-Holocene sites in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt.’ (PhD 2008)

Joylene Kremler, ‘The Origin and Development of Frog Amulets and Figures in Ancient Eygpt and their relationship to the Goddess Heqet.’ (MA 2008)

Lainie O’Brien, ‘Aspects of Kingship in the Reign of Thutmose III’. (MA 2007)

Richard Long, ‘Egypt’s Western Oases during the New Kingdom (c.1550-1069 B.C.E.).’ (MA 2007)