Colleen was interviewed by ABC RN’s Media Report about her recent book. The topic was ‘Fixers, the people behind the foreign correspondents.’ Listen online or visit the ABC website for more information.

She is currently working with a colleague on a comparative study of media coverage of terrorism. She was interviewed by ABC News Radio in 2016 about coverage of ISIS terror claims by the media. Listen online via the ABC website.

Recent Publications – Non academic

Murrell, C. (2017) ‘Manchester and the media: what coverage of the terrorist attack tells us about ourselves.’ The Conversation, May 29, 2017.

Murrell, C. (2017) ‘Le Pen vs Macron: after an acrimonious debate, the French will now choose their next president.’ The Conversation, May 6, 2017.

Murrell, C. (2017) ‘Speaking with: The Daily Beast’s Christopher Dickey on reporting and living through terrorism in Paris.’ The Conversation, March 16, 2017.

Murrell, C. (2016) ‘Islamic State is quick to claim Orlando shooting, but media should be careful in reporting those claims.’ The Conversation, June 15 2016.

Murrell, C. (2016) ‘The Guardian’s costly gap between traffic and profits.’ The Conversation, March 1 2016.

Murrell, C. (2014) ‘Pommy media causing a stir in Australia.’ LSE Blog, October 2014.