I am currently pursuing a range of research projects in relation to the interreligious and intellectual history of medieval Europe:

  1. scholastic thought and culture in twelfth-century Europe, with particular reference to contemporaries of Abelard and Heloise
  2. music theory, science and philosophy in thirteenth-century Paris (collaborative project on Johannes de Grocheio and Gui of St-Denis)
  3. medieval virtue ethics and the creation of the feminine subject (collaborative project relating to writings addressed to women between 13th and 15th centuries)
  4. the translation of the relics of Thomas Aquinas from Italy to France in the fourteenth century and its liturgical commemoration in the Dominican order (collaborative project)
  5. common ground between Christian and Islamic theories of financial ethics

Areas of Research & Supervision

I have a wide range of research interests and potential areas of supervision: history of ideas (ancient, medieval to early modern); religious thought and practice (medieval Europe in particular, but also of modern world); medieval studies more generally relating to France and England; gender, religion and society.