Postgraduate Research Supervisions

Current Supervision

Research PhD. The impact of comic books on the modern film industry. Verevis, C (Main), Perkins, C (Associate).

Research PhD. Normalising Contraventions of International Law and Human Rights with Cinematic and Televisual Representations of Terrorism. Supervisors: Verevis, C (Main), Perkins, C (Associate).

Research PhD. Dennis Hopper Readymades. Supervisors: Perkins, C. (Main), Verevis, C (Associate).

Research PhD. India film industry and soft power. Supervisors: O’Connor, J. (Main), Verevis, C (Associate).

Research PhD. Digital Media in the Hand of Fandom. Supervisors: Verevis, C (Main), Perkins, C (Associate).

Research PhD. Is there a Baudrillardian film philosophy? Supervisors: Verevis, C (Main), Perkins, C (Associate).

Research PhD. Memories and Mythology: How American Cinema turns History into Legend. Supervisors: Verevis, C (Main), Williams, D (Associate).

Research PhD. The influence of musical form on cinema. Supervisors: Williams, D (Main), Verevis, C (Associate).

Completed Supervision

Honig, M. Ghosts of Modernity: The J-Horror Cycle. (PhD) 2014. Supervisors: Williams, D. (Main), Verevis, C. (Associate).

Tutton, C. R. H. Discrete thoughts: Digital language in the moving image. (PhD) 2013. Supervisors: Williams, D (Main), Verevis, C (Associate).

Stevens, K. Program of Study: Different, but not too different: the dynamics of culture and commerce in the exhibition of art file in Australia c. 1908 – present. (PhD) 2013. Supervisors: Martin, A (Main), Verevis, C (Associate).

Curnow, J. L. Program of Study: Imaging the next disaster: The third wave of SF disaster cinema. (Masters) 2010. Supervisors: Verevis, C (Main), Williams, D (Associate).

Perkins, C. E. Program of Study: Your friends and neighbours: the American “smart” film. (PhD) 2008. Supervisors: Verevis, C (Main), Ross, A (Associate).

Narraway, G. Program of Study: Making nature: visions of mastery in the Third Reich cinema. (PhD) 2006. Supervisors: Rigby, C (Main), Verevis, C (Associate).

Coughlin, P. Program of Study: The Same old song: Ironic revisions in the films of Joel and Ethan Coen. (PhD) 2004. Supervisors: Verevis, C (Main).

Jones, G. Difference and Determination: Prolegomena concerning Deleuze’s early metaphysic. (PhD) 2002. Supervisors: Hart, K. (Main), Verevis, C. (Associate).

Parr, A. Creative Production: from da Vinci to Deleuze. (PhD) 2002. Supervisors: Gregory, J (Main) Verevis, C. (Associate).