Darren J Hocking

    • Just got back from sunny (then rainy) Cairns where I completed the OzFlux data processing workshop and conference.

    • Attended the Arts WordPress Training

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      Tuesday 23/7 saw an outside research team visit the site including Jan Pisek from Tartu Observatory in Estonia, Lola Suarez from RMIT and Zbynek Malenovsky from University of Tasmania.

      Jan is using hemispherical camera images from different heights to validate vertical profiles of foliage clumping maps compared to that derived from satellite data.

      Darius Culvenor rolled up to discuss links with of Jan’s methodology to his monthly hemispherical photos and the Vegnet laser scanners installed nearby.

    • Following meeting with contractors, FSD, OHS, & the Architect renovations of the old GES Basement workshop will begin Monday 29 July and run for a few weeks.

      The new space will incorporate the Physical Geography workshop and Climate Labs feature upgraded access, lighting, storage and work spaces with hardwood benches and shelves from the climate lab being recycled.

    • RDMF

      The  Monash Climate Group and Charles Darwin Uni created a series of Flux Towers down the NATT.

      This is now a regular focus of NT research with a recent focus on the TERN July Newsletter.

      The video from the Red Dirt Melon Farm is typical example of improving the savanna

    • opposite diagonals

      opposite diagonals

      water crossing

      water crossing